Meliá Trinidad Península Hotel’s first award

Meliá Trinidad Península Hotel's first award, TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Award 2024. View from eco hall to the beach

Only days after Management learned that the Sol Palmeras Hotel in Varadero has been awarded the TripAdvisor “Best of the Best” Travelers Choice Award 2024, we received another great message: after only 4 months following its official opening in January 2024, our new Meliá Trinidad Península hotel has been awarded the TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Award 2024!

The Meliá Trinidad Península Hotel is a state-of-the-art, solar energy powered, 401-room international-category 5-star beach resort hotel located next to the UNESCO World Heritage town of Trinidad.

Again, we are very proud, pleased and grateful for all the hard work that the teams of our joint venture, our shareholders and our strategic partners have been and are putting in to make this hotel a success!

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