The activities of CEIBA are comprised of two principal operating segments: Commercial and Tourism real estate investments.

The Miramar Trade Center

The largest real estate holding of the Company is its 49% interest in Inmobiliaria Monte Barreto S.A. (“Monte Barreto”), the Cuban joint venture company that owns and operates the Miramar Trade Center, a six-building mixed-use commercial real estate complex comprising approximately 56,000 square metres of net rentable area that constitutes the core of the new Miramar business district in Havana.

The Hotels of Miramar and TosCuba

Through its indirect ownership of a 65% interest in HOMASI S.A. (“HOMASI”), which in turns has a 50% interest in Miramar S.A. (“Miramar”) and TosCuba S.A. (“TosCuba”), the Group has a 32.5% interest in the following hotels (collectively “the Hotels”):

  • the Meliá Habana Hotel, a 397-room international-category 5-star business hotel located on prime ocean-front property in Havana (directly opposite the Miramar Trade Center);
  • the Meliá Las Américas Hotel, a 340-room international-category 5-star beach resort hotel located in Varadero;
  • the Meliá Varadero Hotel, a 490-room international-category 5-star beach resort hotel located in Varadero;
  • the Sol Palmeras Hotel, a 607-room international-category 4-star beach resort hotel located in Varadero; and
  • the Meliá Trinidad Península Hotel, a 401-room international-category 5-star beach resort hotel located in Trinidad.

The Hotels are operated by Meliá Hotels International S.A. (“Meliá Hotels International”), which also has a 35% equity interest in HOMASI (which translates to a 17.5% interest in Miramar).

GBM Interinvest Technologies Mariel S.L.

The Company holds a 50% interest in GBM Interinvest Technologies Mariel S.L., a Spanish company that is developing a new multi-phase industrial park real estate project in the Special Development Zone of Mariel, Cuba. Groundworks on the 11.3-hectare site for the construction of the first four warehouses of the project were completed in June 2021.

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