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The focus of CEIBA Investments Limited (the “Company”) is on investments in Cuba’s commercial real estate, tourism and other prioritized sectors of the Cuban economy. The Company may make any investment primarily related to Cuba, but its primary emphasis is on the development and acquisition of commercial and hotel properties, two major segments of Cuba’s real estate sector. The Company started to invest in Cuba in 1996 and is presently one of the largest foreign holders of tourism and commercial real estate assets in Cuba. Its aim is to provide a regular level of income and capital growth.

About Us

CEIBA Investments Limited is a closed-ended investment company that was incorporated in Guernsey in 1995. As of 18 October 2018, its Ordinary Shares are listed on the Specialist Fund Segment of the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market. In addition, on 31 March 2021, the Company issued €25 million, 10% senior unsecured Convertible Bonds due on 31 March 2026 that are listed on The International Stock Exchange (Guernsey).

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Learn how we invest to achieve our goals. How we research and take to action and how we look to invest to benefit people and planet.

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Get to know the people behind the trust. Our independent board and portfolio management team provide a wealth of investment experience.

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The Ordinary Shares of CEIBA Investments Limited are listed on the Specialist Fund Segment of the London Stock Exchange (trading symbol: CBA) and are suitable for Professional Investors only. Investors in the Company are expected to be institutional investors, professional investors, high net worth investors and professionally advised and knowledgeable investors who understand the risks involved in investing in the Company and/or who have received advice from their fund manager or broker regarding investment in the Company.

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The U.S. Cuban embargo legislation presently in force prohibits U.S. Persons from investing in, owning or otherwise holding Ordinary Shares in CEIBA Investments Limited. U.S. banks, custodians, depositories and other intermediaries may reject or block payments, the transfer of securities, and/or the distribution of dividends. Shareholders should ensure that they do not directly or indirectly use U.S. banks, custodians, depositories or other intermediaries, in any capacity, to hold Ordinary Shares in the Company or to receive dividend distributions or other payments.

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